Class Procedures

Daily Classroom Procedures

  • You must be in your assigned seat when the bell rings.  If you are tardy, you must spend the class period in the office.
  • Class starts with bellwork everyday.  Homework is checked during or right after bellwork.  If you need significant help on an assignment, please see me before it is due!
  • Next, we will go over the solutions on the homework and answer student questions.
  • New material will be introduced and generally we will be taking notes on the new concepts. 
  •  Finally, we will do practice problems together and the homework will be assigned.

Taking Notes

Behavior Expectations

I have high expectations for the students in my classroom.  I expect the students to achieve academically to their fullest potential.  In addition, I expect students to contribute in a positive manner to our class.  The following is a list of rules for my classroom.

  1. Respect yourself, classmates, adults, and their property.
  2. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  3. Do your personal best at all times!
  4. Be prepared for class.
  5. Raise your hand to participate and wait to be called upon before you speak.


Extra Help

 Mathematics can be a very challenging subject.  To ensure your student’s success, I will make myself available at least once per week after school.  The students will be notified of these days in advance and I will post tutoring times on my home page. I will also be available by appointment before and after school.  Students can also take advantage of National Honor Society tutors who are available after school in the media center.






Your child will have homework almost every night, so they should budget time accordingly.  The homework will reflect the skills that we are covering in class.  I give approximately 10-30 problems per night depending on the density of the material.  Remember, practice makes perfect!  My motto with homework is quality not quantity.  I expect each assignment to be done thoughtfully.  Homework is due at the beginning of class the following day and must be done in pencil.  I will not accept an assignment if it is not completed in pencil.   I do NOT accept late homework (excused absences are an exception).  If there is an extenuating circumstance please notify me immediately.  Homework is graded a couple of different ways (sometimes by completeness and other times by correctness), which are explained in greater detail in the course syllabus.

Things You Can Do At Home To Help Your Child At School

  1. Check to see that your student’s homework is completed each night!  I know it may seem challenging with our busy schedules, but in my experience, if a student does not complete the daily homework, he or she has little hope of understanding the material, let alone passing the class.  This also ensures your child is doing his or her own work and that he or she is behaving as a responsible student.
  2. Be willing to help your student with his or her homework if necessary.  If you keep an open mind about learning they will too! 
  3. Help your child become proficient at arithmetic (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing without a calculator) if he or she is not already, by using flashcards, practice sheets, etc.  I have some available by request.
  4. Monitor your student's grades by checking Skyward and keep up to date with assignments by visiting the Assignments tab of the classroom website.

Arithmetic Board


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