Week of 1/18/16

Week of 1/18/16
Kathryn Wippel - Fri Jan 15, 2016 @ 09:55AM
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1/18/16Algebra 2PDMHonors Algebra 2
MondayNo School
No SchoolNo School
TuesdayCheck:  Ch. 1 Review WS
Do: Ch. 2 Review WS
You can print this from the HHS Teacher Page
under Semester 1 Exam Review Materials
Print: Multiple Choice Review Packet and
Formula Sheet from HHS Teacher page

Ch. 5 Test Review WS5.6
Pg. 362 #1-32, 44, 49-57
WednesdayCheck:  Ch. 2 Review WS
Do: Ch. 3 Review WS Part 1
You can print this from the HHS Teacher Page

Go over review;
Start Review Packet for
Finish Review Packet 5.4-5.6 
and 5.6 HW from yesterday
ThursdayCheck: Ch. 3 WS Part 1
Do: Ch. 3 WS Part 2
Ch. 5 TestGo over review; Check HW
Review Day
FridayCheck: Ch. 3 WS Part 2
Do: Multiple Choice Packet Review WITH WORK
for #1-50
Review Packet:
Due Monday
Quiz MOVED to after finals;
Review Day
HW: Review Packet for Exam
Part 1 Due Monday
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