Week of 3/2/15

Week of 3/2/15
Kathryn Wippel - Sun Mar 01, 2015 @ 04:56PM
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MondayCh. 8 Test
Homework: Join Google Classroom through your school account and take survey.
Join the class with this code: d25uw1
If you are having trouble, read the directions here:
TuesdayACT/No Class
WednesdayFinish 9.1 Notes and start homework from
9.1 #11-16, 19-20
Finish Pg. 587 9.1/ #11-16, 19-20, 31-33, 37-38, 41-52;

FridayWatch video and fill out the Example on your given
Homework for 9.1- Day 2:
1) Find the true speed and direction of the jet in Ex 1 if the
pilot heads the plane in the direction N 45⁰ W.
2)In what direction should the pilot in Ex 1 head the plane
for the true course to be due north?
3)Pg. 588 #63-65

Remember to check my Haslett Teacher Page for Handouts and Notes when Absent!

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